Welcome to the Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature's Paratextual exhibit! A way to interact with the collection like never before, this exhibit contains unique images, documents and histories of the many paratextual elements that can be found at the Baldwin. Please feel free to look through the collection and learn about our paratexts and how they can tell us about reader culture.

Recently Added Items

"Frank Netherton"

Baldwin inscription pic (2).jpeg

This handwriting is a puzzle waiting to be solved. An intricate inscription, this handwriting features many flourishes and dots that add to the…

"Household French"

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This images show nother way a book might have been bound to prevent damage, as well as newspaper or magazine articles that were pasted in. The book is…

"Word lessons : a complete speller"

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Here we have another occurrence of poetry that was written into a book. These poems, however, were written by a child and are clearly playful, teasing…